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Akashic Awareness-Although the term is one that has been overused, we are a New Age Healing and Learning Center. Not “New Age” as in the name coined for a movement back in the 1970’s but a blend of Metaphysical and Eastern influences. New Age fuses theology, spirituality, nature and philosophy all together knowing that is not ‘new’ to anything but our third dimensional awareness.

The name Akashic Awareness stems from my Love for the Akashic Records and the fact that nothing can materialize (i.e. Spiritual Growth) without awareness.  Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word Akasha, {ākāsa, Akasha, Ākāsa} which means aether in the elemental and metaphysical sense. Aether (Ether) equates to the upper regions of space, clear sky, the heavens...Awareness is an aspect of consciousness, it's a knowing...

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